Rebirth: Holiday Special





REBIRTH: DC Holiday Special #1

Paul Dini – script

Elsa Charretier – art


This year’s holiday special was an interesting story kicking off with an introduction by Harley Quinn, and proceeding into an assortment of tales with Harley Interludes.  The first tale up was A Very Harley Holiday. It gathers an assortment of famous DC heroines, and a new female Green Lantern who kisses Harley under the mistletoe, prompting the response, “I don’t know you do I?”


    Next up: Superman/Batman – Last Minute “They don’t let a little thing like monster invasion stop them from shopping, do they.” After defeating a monster together the guys go Christmas shopping, or try anyway. Then the families gather to exchange presents.

    Cute story. I found trying to follow it a little difficult though, maybe because of the way the tale was organized.


    Then, Story Three:  The Dog Who Has Everything – Superboy

    Story Four: Detective Chimp Hmm, you mean he’s still around? “You shot Santa’s Elf?”

    Nearly forgotten DC monkey Detective Chimp is hired by a mystery man named Noel to find his missing prize “dog” that happens to have a red nose, Detective Chimp teams with Batman to crack the case. Interesting story, kind’a cute. I wasn’t so fond of the art or organization of the tale, but it was pretty good.


    Interlude with Supes and Wonder Woman. “I need and Egg Nogg here!”


     Story Five: Dreaming of A White Christmas – Wonder Woman and Constantine. I don’t quite get it, could have been better. Art looked good though, and his most haunting fear was – revealed.


     Story Six: A Flash Christmas Carol – Flash stops his rogues, complications arise and they wind up helping make Christmas good for some orphans. Also establishes Christmas truce with Flash and some of his foes. I liked the story.


    Story Seven: Day OF Returning – New Superman. One pager, could have been left out, in my opinion.


     Story Eight: Light In The Dark – Batwoman an interesting Christmas tale.


    Harley Interlude: While reading a book, knocks out Raven. “She’s gonna be mad when she wakes up.” Very true Harley. But, she leaves the book with Changeling and leaves as Raven wakes up. He tosses it back, hits Raven, who he doesn’t see.


    Some nice little tales and stuff. Not all of it makes much sense, and I don’t feel as if on the whole its well put together or organized. Kind of ends on a non-ending, I wasn’t entirely certain where it really ended. It seemed as if a review or two of upcoming DC events were included, but they weren’t, to me, well defined.


     Not one of the better DC Christmas specials. I like the specials better when they are just independent stories, than efforts such as this. Of course tying things together with characters together relating tales can work as with DC’s Infinite Halloween special. This just didn’t work for me.



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