Comic books were once a big part of my life. I turned to them for enjoyment and fantasy during childhood and escape as an adult. I loved the great artwork and thrilling tales of titanic battles between forces of good versus evil. They were exciting to the mind and inspired the imagination.

   They were like the ancient classical mythical struggles of right and wrong, Gods, monsters and mortals, put into text and art by modern story tellers. It was fun looking into the wonderful fantasy worlds these new tale bearers told.

    Among my favorite titles were the Avengers, Amazing Spiderman, Invaders and Defenders by Marvel Comics; the Justice League, Brave and Bold, Batman and assorted others by DC. Also assorted publications from Archie Comics, Charlton Dell, Gold Key, Disney, Pacific and Eclipse. Some of my titles are old and some newer.

    Unfortunately as my collection grew I began having space and storage issues. Unfortunately, I had to let go of some issues for space. Miss a few of them, the Cowboys by Charlton and assorted issues of Batman and Superman.

    Over time my interest in collecting began to face and wane as the prices went up and the stories became more infected with – ugh, realism. Realism is like a disease to me, oh, sure I guess it has its place even in fantasy by too much becomes a sickness that drags down the imagination. Also, many titles became like soap operas, going on and on with particular lines without a breather. Maybe because they wanted to fit collections into graphic novels, of course I suppose price was a major player in my losing interest as much as anything.

    Still I favor the older titles, and wish I had the opportunity to go and buy more. So for the next few issues of this blog, we’ll be reminiscing over assorted titles and characters and plots from the past and maybe even present. Feel free to comment with your own recalls and things.




About davepyl

Though I have held many jobs over the years, being a fiction writer has always been my main interest even though I may not have always pursued it well enough. Originally from Princeton, IN, where I graduated High School and took writing related courses, I went on to attend Vincennes University in Vincennes, IN, and obtained a degree in journalism. After working a few years as a journalist and freelance nonfiction writer, I pursed other careers. late in the 90’s my interest in writing fiction resurged with stronger and better ideas, I have taken courses through Full Sail University to help me hone my skills as a creative writer. Now my plans are to focus more on writing fiction in addition to my day job and build it as a career in as many ways as I can: books, short stories, scripts, comicbooks. My writing credentials include: *KNOX COUNTY DAILY NEWS | Feb 1988 – April 1992; Staff Writer / Journalist; * OFFICIAL DETECTIVE MAGAZINE GROUP | 1990 – 1992Freelance Writer / Photographer; *VIETNAM MAGAZINE | April 1995 • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “Operation Babylift” *MIDNIGHT ZOO | May/June 1991 • Contributing Writer (Poem) – “Lady In Black” *REUNIONS MAGAZINE Summer, 1995 * Contributing Writer Reunion at George Field *QUILTER’S WORLD | April 2004 • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “Two Visionaries” *STORYTELLER MAGAZINE | Nov/Dec 2010. • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “The Ol’ Conner Place” short story *TALES OF THE TALISMAN | Oct 2011 • Contributing Writer (Poem) – “Bloody Red Riding Hood” *REUNIONS MAGAZINE Fall/Winter 2012 * Contributing Writer Morgan/Bivens Family Reunion * Frontier Tales magazine/ Winter 2012/ Battle of Three Lakes and what inspired you to write your book. The battle between the ani-men and the JLA, from Justice League America issues 221-223-1984.
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