Lessons Writers Can Learn From Star Wars

I saw an interesting video on YouTube today by a British bloke, goes by the ID The Unusual Suspect, who was talking about some of the mistakes he felt were made by the first Star Wars trilogy. He started with the disclaimer that he loved the movies and felt they were much better than the prequels.

So, I was thinking that his points could be of valuable to those of us who are writers. I’m posting a link to the video below, but first I’ll cover a few of the points he brought up.

First, strong female characters. Princess Leia was pretty much the only gal in the original trilogy, and she was tough. The princess was proactive and took charge promptly, she didn’t take any stuff off the men and she was fully capable of defending herself and wasn’t just a pretty side kick.

Second, strong villains. The reviewer felt that the storm troopers were kind of weak. And, really, I guess they were. Ten troopers firing and they can’t hit the broadside of a barn.

Also, the greatly underused Boba Fett. Supposed to be a real tough guy, he got knocked off pretty quick and easy in the first 20 minutes of Return of Jedi. A note of my own, wouldn’t Darth Vader have figured what his son was going to do and have laid out a trap for him?

Then, there was the Dark Side itself, and how one becomes evil. I’ll leave that to the Unusual Suspect to Explain.

Enjoy the video and consider how his observations can help us improve our stories.

On another note, I’d like t say I found his video very entertaining and quite well made.



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