character origins: Kyra Lynne

Character created seperatly, but later added to Age of Beasts. I think she kind of makes the story now, her first appearance:


A tired Kyra trudged towards the city as dawn started the day. She was a thin young woman of 19 years, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. The horse she rode pulled a cart of assorted goods behind it.
Kyra was a scavenger, a trader, a seller. She found things and sold them for what she could get from them. Some items she found were from the races which previously dominated this now desolate, hot, world.
The green gem studded dagger she carried at her side was something her father had found in one of the old world ruins. It bore the name, “Kraxos.”
Kyra wasn one of the few free humans around. Quietly Kyra and her horse entered the city and headed towards the trading square. It was a wooden building, a big one. She paid the Jihon guard the required fee and he assigned her a booth. Aside from taking her money and assigning the booth, the black-white tabby creature paid little attention to her. He was one of the beasts, whom ages ago were raised from their four feet to walk like men, and to rule men.
The cattish creatures were called the Jihan, a female of their race walked through the trading center. “Greetings human,” SHe said to Kyra, “I am Anulu.”
Kyra nodded politely, “I am Kyra.”
“Is this your first time in our city?” Anulu asked.
“No, I’ve been here before,” Kyra said. “I was born here.”
“It’s always nice to have returners,” Anulu said. “Perhaps you could stay.”
Anulu moved on.
In the booth near Kyra’s was a Mkarl, another rarity. Ages ago his ancestors had crawled from the streams and never gone back. The Mkarl was assisted by a teen boy slave. The boy glanced at Kyra, and ran into his master, then stumbled backwards.
The Mkarl’s face was incapable of emotion, “Fool boy, what is wrong with you?”
“Sorry master,” The boy said.
THe Mkarl turned full body towards Kyra. He looked at her, then the merchandise she was putting on display. “WHo is your master girl?”
“I have no master,” Kyra answered. “I am free.” Explaining that was getting a little mechanical. Usually no one pressed her for details, perhaps for proof, but never details. THe proof she wore on her hip, a branded insignia.
“I’ve heard of such things, but never met one before,” The Mkarl said.
Kyra showed him the brand on her hip, a circled cross.
THe Mkarl made a snorting sound.
“I am Mistu, a merchantman of the honorable race of Mkarl,” he said. “My servant, Jal, who, apperantly, has just started noticing girls.”
A weak smile crossed Jal’s face and he went about setting up his master’s merchandise.
“Have a good day, Kyra,” Mistu said.
Kyra nodded to him and went about her work.
Soon the sales time started and customers began drifting through. A Jihan came to her stall and bought a lovely necklace for his wife, after talking Kyra into a discount.
AS the hours passed, Kyra’s stomach began to rumble, it was lunchtime. She had no one to watch her shop, though. She secured everything under burlap.
“Leaving?” Mistu asked.
“I need to get something to eat,” Kyra replied.
The Mkarl nodded.
Kyra headed off into the town, she knew a nice little place to get some food. It was a little restaurant owned by an old family friend, a Mkarl named Krix. Whistle type noises frequently escaped Krix, whenever his moods changed.
As she walked towards Krix’s place. she passed a little booth. A distasteful looking Canite was selling shrunken heads, “THe perfect way to keep a loved one or an enemy,” He barked.
Two tan furred young Jihan chased a ball passed Kyra down the street.
Kyra entered the restaurant. A wolfish creature sat at a table, he took a gulp of whatever it was he was drinking. He was Lukan, his eyes peered towards Kyra, the hunter always made her nervous.
Kyra walked up to the bar, Krix ambled over to the bar. His useless mouth gills quivered as he spoke. “Kyra, you look well.”
A spindley creature she was unfamiliar with came to the bar, “Hi Krix, picking up more strays?
“Kyra is an old friend,” Krix replied. He looked to Kyra, “This is JoJo.”
“Hello JoJo,” Kyra said.
“No master, hmm?” JoJo responded. “All humans should have masters.”
Kyra sighed and ordered some beef soup, and water to drink.
Krix nodded. “You know Kyra, I worry about you.” He paused. “Not safe out there for a human girl.”
Kyra smiled, “I do okay Krix.”
“You need a good master to take care of you.”
“Is there any such a thing?” Kyra questioned.
A human server brought JoJo his order, and Kyra’s drink.
Lukan left his seat and slid next to Kyra. “Hello Kyra,” His voice was thick, heavy. “I have room in my pack.”
Kyra felt uneasy with the canine. “I-I don’t think so Lukan, I enjoy my freedom.”
THe human server brought Kyra’s food.
A human boy approached the table. He looked about 10. “Food please.”
“Begger,” JoJo snipped.
“You want food, you work, Krix said.
“Krix, you too nice to humans,” JoJo said.
“Yes, sir, will work for food,” The boy said.
“Go clean the tables,” Krix said.
The boy nodded, “Yes sir.”
“Have you seen your parents, Kyra?” Krix asked.
“Not for awhile,” She replied. They’d become nseperated in the mountains one foggy night, and she hadn’t seen them again. They had been exploring the old ruins for a Jihon officer, avoiding the vermin, raised up from the rats they once were into humanoid beasts like the other creatures who had been fortunate enough to be raised up from their four feet and brainlessness.
SHe finished eating, Krix told her an upstairs room was reserved for her for the night. She left the restaurant. More booths had popped up along the dusty street. Under the dust was a harder material, the word she’d used to describe it was pavement.
She passed a booth where a Jihon sold items made from bones. Back at her own booth Kyra quickly put her materials back on display. She sighed, the memory of her parents was still in her head, what had happened to them? Why in two years had she not seen any sign of them?
After losing them this was the first place Kyra had come to, this city, this unnamed city. But, they never came back. Could they have been captured by the vermin? Died in the mountains?
“Bilto, come back here,” called a Jihon creature, after a younger one. The young Jihon was running through the aisle, and stopped at Kyra’s place.
the Jihon walked up, he seemed a most imperious creature, his whiskers twitched back and forth.
The young cat, Bilto, hissed at Kyra, “What about that one, father?”
The adult rolled his feline eyes. Not far behind them, Kyra saw Anulu, talking with a vendor. Kyra turned her attention to this young Bilto and his father, what was the kitten talking about?
“I am McPhee,” THe adult announced, as haughtily as he could, “Where is you master?”
Kyra showed them the branding mark on her hip.
“What is that?” McPhee asked.
“It means she is free,” Mistu shouted over. “She has no master.”
“Incredible,” McPhee said. He turned to the Mkarl, “I came here to buy a slave as a birthday present for my son Bilto, but we found none worthy.”
“Hmm,” Mistu sounded.
Anulu approached Kyra’s booth. she looked over some jewelry.
Bilto sniffed and walked up to Kyra, “A free human creature?” He pulled back her robe and saw the sheathed dagger, “Humans arent supposed to carry weapons.”
“That law only covers slaves,” Anulu said. She picked up an emerald necklace, “How much?”
Kyra decided to undercut her original asking price. Anulu nodded.
“What is it you do, Mr. McPhee?” Anulu asked.
“I own some farmland in the outskirts,” McPhee said. He grabbed Bilto’s shoulder and pulled the kitten back.
Mistu’s eyes focused on the dagger, “May I see that?”
Kyra took ANulu’s money, the handed the dagger to Mistu, “Sure.”
Anulu also looked over the dagger, “Kraxos?”
McPhee shook his head. He looked Kyra over, she twitched, uneasy, what was he thinking? He wouldn’t dare violate the law, certain death for a Jihon of all creatures.
Anulu’s eyes took the dagger in, “Emerald studs, nine-inch blade, where did you find this?”
“My father found it, in the ruins in the mountains,” Kyra said. “Many years ago”
“Where is your father?”
Mistu turned the dagger over in his hands.
“I don’t know,” Myra said. “We got seperated in the moutains two years ago, haven’t seen them since.” Kyra looked down.
Mistu handed the dagger back to Kyra. “Sorry.”
“You’re a scavenger?” McPhee said.
“Yes,” Kyra replied.
ANother Jihan ran inside, “Sandstorm coming, seek shelter.”
“DO you have a place to stay?” Mistu asked.
“Yes,” Kyra replied. She quickly secured her merchandise, and horse, inside the trade building, and left. Krix’s place was very crowded. Mistu and Jal had also come here, so had McPhee and Bilto since going home would have taken them right into the storm.
“we seek a place to stay,” McPhee had said, as he and his son entered.
The skave, Jal, appraoched Krix’s new boy, they smiled and shook hands. “Jal,” “Stan.”
Lukan sat at his table. Kyra sat down at a table. Lukan looked over at her, motion to a seat next to him, she looked away.
THe human servers paid little attention to Kyra. She understood, they could not see serving another human. But, the boy Stan, he brought her some food and drink.
“Kyra,” Jal said, and sat at the table with her. “Master gave me money, so I could buy you drink.”
“That’s very nice of you and your master,” Kyra said.
Mistu went to the bar and sat down.
“How are you so familiar with this woman, Kyra?” JoJO asked. He sat at the bar with Mistu and McPhee.
“Many years ago,” Krix explained. He had fallen into a trap that had been sat by some Tabs, Kyra’s father rescued him from the trap and they became friends. Her father had brought Krix to this city.
Her father’s name was Eric, he helped the city leaders organize an army to fight the attacking Tabs, which is why he and his family were made forever free.”
“Have you seen her dagger?” Mistu asked.
“Eric said the child had pulled it from a rubble in a dead city when she was three, when she was 16, he gave it to her,” Krix said.
“That explains much,” McPhee said.
“I don’t like the idea of giving human creatures freedom,” JoJo said.
Bilto walked over to the table where Kyra and the boys were and sat down. The biys became deferentially quiet.
Stan rose, “I must return to my duties.”


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Though I have held many jobs over the years, being a fiction writer has always been my main interest even though I may not have always pursued it well enough. Originally from Princeton, IN, where I graduated High School and took writing related courses, I went on to attend Vincennes University in Vincennes, IN, and obtained a degree in journalism. After working a few years as a journalist and freelance nonfiction writer, I pursed other careers. late in the 90’s my interest in writing fiction resurged with stronger and better ideas, I have taken courses through Full Sail University to help me hone my skills as a creative writer. Now my plans are to focus more on writing fiction in addition to my day job and build it as a career in as many ways as I can: books, short stories, scripts, comicbooks. My writing credentials include: *KNOX COUNTY DAILY NEWS | Feb 1988 – April 1992; Staff Writer / Journalist; * OFFICIAL DETECTIVE MAGAZINE GROUP | 1990 – 1992Freelance Writer / Photographer; *VIETNAM MAGAZINE | April 1995 • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “Operation Babylift” *MIDNIGHT ZOO | May/June 1991 • Contributing Writer (Poem) – “Lady In Black” *REUNIONS MAGAZINE Summer, 1995 * Contributing Writer Reunion at George Field *QUILTER’S WORLD | April 2004 • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “Two Visionaries” *STORYTELLER MAGAZINE | Nov/Dec 2010. • Contributing Writer (Short Story) – “The Ol’ Conner Place” short story *TALES OF THE TALISMAN | Oct 2011 • Contributing Writer (Poem) – “Bloody Red Riding Hood” *REUNIONS MAGAZINE Fall/Winter 2012 * Contributing Writer Morgan/Bivens Family Reunion * Frontier Tales magazine/ Winter 2012/ Battle of Three Lakes and what inspired you to write your book. The battle between the ani-men and the JLA, from Justice League America issues 221-223-1984.
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